Information for Nordic citizens in Angola

Information to citizens of the other Nordic countries living or staying in Angola.

In an emergency

Please be aware that assistance to Norwegians abroad is organized by a central register, and Norwegian citizens registered here will receive information and updates from UD-ops in Norway in the event of a crisis.
We strongly advice all Nordic citizens to use their home country’s registrations for citizens abroad, as the Norwegian Embassy in Luanda will not be able contact you in the event of an emergency.

Information and contact list;

Danish and Icelandic citizens who are permanently living, or staying for a longer period, in Angola , and who wants to receive information from the Embassy about arrangement etc. are kindly requested to complete the attached form and return it to the Royal Norwegian Embassy by email. For a link to the registration form, please click here.
Please contact The Danish Embassy in Lusaka, Zambia if you need passport or other consular services.

Swedish citizens are asked to register at the Swedish Embassy in Luanda.

Finnish citizens are asked to contact their Embassy in Mozambique , who keep an updated lists. This list is shared regularly with the Norwegian Embassy in Angola. 

Representing on Visa only;
The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Luanda is representing Iceland, Denmark and Sweden on visa issue in Angola.

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